Peters Bros. Hats

909 Houston St. - 1917

  • Peters Bros. Hats
    Peters Bros. Hats

Historic Designation:
City of Fort Worth Demoltion Delay


This is a very typical commercial building constructed from this time period in Fort Worth's history.  The two story building features rectangular window bays on the second floor above the storefronts with a decorative brick parapet.  Two large neon signs have been placed on the building, with the most interesting being for Peters Bros.

The Peters brothers business was started in 1911 by Greek immigrants Jim and Tom Peters.  At that time, they were shining shoes in Waco, Texas.  In 1917, the brothers moved to Fort Worth and set up a shoe shining business near their current location.  In addition to work on shoes, the brothers started doing hat renovations.  In 1921, they started making hats and the business grew from there. Peters Brothers moved into this building in 1933.

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Architectural Style:
Early 20th Century