Packard Automobile Dealership

1204 W. 7th St. - c.1925; restored 2013

  • Before Paint Removal
    Before Paint Removal
  • After Paint Removal
    After Paint Removal
  • After Full Restoration
    After Full Restoration

Historic Designations:

City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay


Packard Scruggs Co.
Packard-Fort Woth
Fort Worth Motors, Inc.
H.B. Ransom Motor Co.


This two story building was the home of one of four automobile dealerships on West 7th in the 1920's.  It originally opened as Packard Scruggs Co., but one year after the opening, changed its name to Packard-Fort Worth.  The Packard dealership remained until 1929.  In the mid-1930's, H.B. Ransom opened Fort Worth Motors, Inc. at this location.  Ransom sold Chrysler and Plymouth automobiles.  Around 1945, the name was changed to H.B. Ransom Motor Co. and they continued in operation until the mid-1960's.  The building is vaguely Renaissance and Baroque in styling, with limited decoration.  Over the course of time, the brick has been painted.  In late 2004, the paint was removed from the building. In 2013, the building was fully restored. Current tenants are Moore Minerals and Warren Douglas Advertising.


Historic Photographs From UTA Library Digital Galleries:

Front of Building from 1953
Looking Northeast on 7th Showing Car Lots & Building in 1953
Lobby Interior from 1953


Architectural Style:
Renaissance and Baroque

Office Building