Oil & Gas Building

309 W. 7th St. - 1952

  • Oil & Gas Building
    Oil & Gas Building

Historic Designation:
National Register of Historic Places
City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay


The Oil & Gas Building was built on the corner of 7th and Taylor Streets in 1952 by Houston developer Jesse H. Jones. He also constructed the Fair Building, next door.  This 16 story building sits at an intersection where the street grid shifts.  The west wall is not perpendicular to the north and south walls.  Although a separate structure, the ground floor lobby of the Oil & Gas Building connects with the neighboring Star-Telegram Buildingformally the Fair Building,  constructed in 1930.  They also share a common main entrance on 7th Street. 


Architectural Style:

J. Russ Baty, Houston

Butcher & Sweeney, Fort Worth

Office Building