Architecture in Fort Worth

W.J. Turner Elementary School

3000 NW 26th St. - 1950; 1957; 1978; 2003

(Formerly Addressed 3001 Azle Avenue)


This Mid-Century Modern elementary school opened in 1950 with 16 classrooms and was a part of the 1948 FWISD Building Program.  The original building was constructed on a steeply sloping site and was built into the grade.  It faced Macie Avenue and featured a curved pavilion as the main entrance on Macie.  This entrance was on the upper level of the school.  The school is two stories from the entrance northward toward the intersection of Macie and Azle Avenues.  A paved playground behind the building, was accessed from the lower level of the school. The main body of the building is International Styled and is clad in yellow brick with  buff colored brick bands.  In 1957, 10 classrooms and an auditorium was added along an east/west axis facing Azle Avenue, making the building an "L" shape.  The cafetorium was converted into a cafeteria only at that time.  The grade continues downward along Azle, and the entrance to the auditorium is several feet out of the ground at this point.  AT that time, the address was probably changed to Azle Avenue.  In 1978, a free-standing gymnasium was constructed to the west of the cafeteria, and south of the auditorium.  In 2003, a one story addition at approimately the second floor level, connected the cafeteria, the gymnasium, and the auditorium, making the building a donut with a two story courtyard/play area in the center.  This addition included a new library, classrooms, and new school administrative offices.  Shortly thereafter, the address was changed from Azle Avenue to NW 26th Street.  The school was named after William Jasper Turner, a pioneer cattleman, who donated the land on which the school was constructed.