Stock Yards Sign & Marine Creek Bridge

100 E. Exchange Ave. - 1910 (NR, RTHL, SAL)

The sign was constructed along with the bridge in 1910 to better serve the Stock Yards area.  The sign features two round concrete columns with ball finials that support a metal sign.  Over the metal is placed "Fort Worth Stock Yards".  This sign serves as the official entrance to the historic area.  Exchange Avenue is paved with brick from Main Street east to the old Swift and Armour Meat Packing Plants.  The bridge itself features two low concrete arches beneath which Marine Creek flows.  Marine Creek has been landscaped and developed into a small river walk through the Stock Yards National Historic District.  Two buildings, constructed shortly after the opening of the bridge, sit on top of it.  They are the old Stock Yards National Bank and the Saddle and Sirloin Club.  The two buildings serve as a companion to the bridge on which they sit.  The Fort Worth Stock Yards Co. constructed the buildings and the bridge and they act as a cohesive unit along E. Exchange. 

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