Original building:
North Side High School

2002 Addition:

North Side High School

2211 McKinley Ave. - 1937; 1953; 1988; 2002

Fort Worth Architect Wiley G. Clarkson designed this school situated on the Trinity River bluff in the Moderne Style and is one of Fort Worth's finest examples of Art Deco public architecture.  Originally the grounds offered a park like setting, but over the years have been eaten up with additions and athletic fields.  The building's materials are of pale yellow brick with dark brown brick bands and cast stone trim.  The building faces southwest toward the river, the northern reaches of Rockwood Park,  and the Jacksboro Highway.  Since the building was constructed on a hillside, it is actually split level, with the basement opening at grade to the northwest and the first level at grade to the southeast.  At the main entry, the building is on a raised podium.  The facade is broken into five parts.  At the center, is a projecting entrance pavilion with a low pyramid shaped roof.  Beside the entry, are wings with projecting bays on each end.  These ends house the gymnasium and the auditorium.  The interior corridors feature a ceramic tile wainscot and terrazzo flooring.  In 1953, a band hall was added to the rear of the original structure and separate field house building was added to the west.  In 1998, Hahnfeld, Hoffer, Stanford Architects (then Hahnfeld Associates) added a one story addition to the rear of the original building.  They also designed a two story addition behind the one story addition in 2002.  All additions resemble the main building in architectural style.

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