The Mulholland Co.

1332 N. Main St. - c.1904; 1935

  • The Mulholland Co.
    The Mulholland Co.

Historic Designations:
Marine Commercial National Register Historic District
City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay


This commercial building was constructed around 1904 as the Rosen Inn. It was modified into an Art Deco facade in 1935.  That facade featured bands of darker brick.  Since that time, the brick has been painted and much of the Art Deco detailing has been lost by the covering of paint.  The building was the Rosen Inn, originally. Greines Furniture Company started in part of the hotel and eventually expanded to take the entire building. The Mulholland Company purchased the building from the Greines family in 1987. In 2023, the building was sold to a local developer who plans to retain the structure and restore it with historic tax credits. The structure is located in the Marine Commercial Historic District.


Architectural Style:
Early 20th Century Commercial/Art Deco