Architecture in Fort Worth

Miss Molly's Hotel

105-11 W. Exchange Ave. - c.1910 (NRHD, CFWHD, DD)


This brownish-yellow brick building was constructed around 1910.  The building is basically unadorned, except for the frieze cornice and the upper cornice that is out of corbeled brick and a slightly raised parapet in the center of the building.  In 1958, like many of its neighbors, the lower portion of the building was covered in "Western" wood siding and storefronts.  The upper floor has always been a boarding house or a hotel.  In 1910, when the building opened, the upper floor housed a boarding house called the Palace Rooms.  During prohibition, the name was The Oasis.  In the 1940's it was called the Gayatte Hotel.  Other names the hotel has operated under were the Star Hotel and the Manor Hotel.  In recent times, Miss Molly's Hotel, a Bed and Breakfast inn, has occupied the second floor.  There have been many reports that this floor of the building is haunted.  During the 1920's, King's Cafe and Jimmie's Place occupied the ground floor.  Other retail tenants have been Speedy's Liquor Store and the Black-eyed Pea.  The current ground floor tenant is The Star Cafe.  There is also The Basement Bar, located below street level.