Architecture in Fort Worth

La Plaza Building 

2501-19 Rodeo Plaza - c.1911; 1937; 1942; 1988 (NRHD, CFWHD, DD)

Frank Kent Motor Co.
Merchant's Exchange Building


This building was constructed around 1911 to house exhibits for the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show to exhibit poultry, rabbits, and automobiles.  Like many others in the Stock Yards, the architectural style is Mission Revival.  Both the North Main and the Rodeo Plaza facades are decorated and feature Missionesque parapets.  The building is clad in stucco.  In 1937, the City of Fort Worth purchased the building and renovated it to exhibit sheep.  When the building was first built, a portion of it extended over Marine Creek.  In 1942, the creek flooded and destroyed a part of the building.  At that time, it was cut back to have the angular wall facing the creek.  In 1948, the building was purchased by Frank Kent Motor Co.  In 1988, the building was renovated to house retail shops.