Architecture in Fort Worth


Lehman Dry Goods Co.

2457 N. Main St. - 1919 (NRHD, CFWHD, DD)

Formerly Nona's Cafe


This dark red brick building sits on a narrow lot immediately to the north of Leddy's Boots & Saddles. The parapet of the building is stepped and the upper floor facade features cast stone trim, decoration, and window sills. The ground floor has been significantly altered with the installation of a permastone veneer, more modern doors, and an octagonal window in 1951. Around 1958, a wooden "rustic" canopy was added on the front of the building. This work was done to all of the neigbhoring buildings around the same time. The structure was built in 1919 for Lehman Dry Goods Co. After Lehman's closed, an auto tire shop occupied the space and that was followed by Nona's Cafe in the 1950's. At one time, a bar was also located on the ground floor. The upper floor was home to rooming houses or small hotels. On the north side of the second floor is a ghost sign for a type of cola, above what was once a one story building.