Architecture in Fort Worth

Ellis Pecan Co.

1012 N. Main St. - 1925


Ku Klux Klan activities were common in Fort Worth during the 1920's.  The cornerstone for the Klavern No. 1 was laid in May of 1924.  However, shortly after its completion, the hall was bombed and burned.  Later that year, the hall was rebuilt in a bigger building that still survives today.  The architect for the hall was Earl Glasgow and it was built by B.B. Adams.  It also seated 4,000 people.  The second floor features tall arched windows and on the sides of the building more tall arched windows alternate with short and tall buttress piers.  The roof is vaulted over the auditorium space and the stage is a raised element with a flat roof.  Over the years, interior modifications have been made and an addition was built on the north side of the structure.  In 1927, Leonard's Department Store purchased the building for a warehouse.  Since then, the building has been used as a boxing arena, and more recently by Ellis Pecan Co. The building has been vacant for a number of years and it sits on the edge of the new Trinity River Diversion Channel.