Architecture in Fort Worth

M.G. Ellis Elementary School

215 N.W. 14th St. - 1953 and additions


This school was constructed to replace the older Ellis School located at N. Main and NW 14th.  Although replaced, the old building stood until 1986 when it was destroyed by fire.  The design of the original building was influenced by the International Style of Architecture.  The design and construction of the building was unique in that it was constructed by the FWISD Maintenance Division.  The architect was Clyde Woodruff, of the FWISD. Several additions have been made to the building over the years, but the most notable is on the east side.  This addition features brown and yellow brick banding with metal roof accents.  The school was named after Merida G. Ellis, an early developer of North Fort Worth and he also helped to establish its first public school.