Cobden Building

2029 N. Main St. - 1909; 1988

  • The Cobden Building
    The Cobden Building at N. Main and NW 21st St.

This two story commercial building was constructed in 1909 by William Bryce, former Mayor of Fort Worth, for Alexander and Jessie Cobden. The property was owned by Jessie and her family until 1976. From 1912 until 1925, J.W. Alton Grocer occupied the ground floor. On the second floor, the Southwestern Telephone & Telegraph Prospect Exchange was located here from 1914 until 1931. From 1935 until about 1950, the second floor was the I.O.O.F. for North Fort Worth Lodge No. 103. When the building was constructed, the building featured fine ornamental brickwork with dentals, corbelling and an ornamental parapet. Over the course of time, the brick was eventually painted. A major fire broke out in 1988 and it destroyed the second floor. The building was extensively rebuilt without much of the original detail. The entire building has been painted white. The National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum occupies the ground floor.


Commercial Building

Bryce Construction Co.