Architecture in Fort Worth

Bober Building 

108-112 W. Exchange Ave. - 1931 (NRHD, CFWHD, DD)


Frank Bober purchased this property and built this building in two or three phases in 1931. The first part of the building has the address of 112 W. Exchange. Bober operated his jewelry store, Stockyards Jewelers in that location. Later that year, the storefronts addressed at 108 and 110 were added to the building. The building is one story, but a two story addition in the rear was added at a later date. A western wooden canopy was added to the building around 1958 at approximately the same time where others were added over the sidewalks to other buildings. At one time Exchange Cleaners was a tenant of the building. Dyer's, a barber shop, and an optometrist also have occupied the building over the years. Currently, the tenants are the Cowtown Winery and Tattoo Ranch.