Billy Bob's Texas

2520 Rodeo Plaza - 1936; c.1960; 1981

  • Billy Bob's Texas
    Billy Bob's Texas

Historic Designations:
National Register Ft. Worth Stockyards Historic District
City of Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District
City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay


Cook's Department Store
Clark's Department Store
Globe Aircraft Corp.
Cattle Exhibits Building

The structure was originally constructed in 1910 as open air barn for housing cattle.  In 1936, the City of Fort Worth built this Cattle Exhibit Building that covers three acres for the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show.  The structure is reinforced concrete and has been expanded and remodeled over the years.  During World War II, the structure was used as an airplane factory for the Globe Aircraft Corporation.  In the 1950's and 60's, the building was used as a department store.  The most notable feature of this building is the Art Deco styled entrance tower.  This serves as the main entrance to the building.  It had a companion tower on the south end of the building, but that portion of the building was demolished around 1960.  Billy Bob's Texas opened on April 1, 1981, and has become one of the premier entertainment clubs in the United States.  Along with concerts, the club has a bull riding arena where events are held on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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Architectural Style:
Art Deco

Nightclub/Bar/Entertainment Venue