Architecture in Fort Worth

Alps Building

222 W. Exchange Ave. - 1910 (NRHD, CFWHD, DD)

Alps Hotel
Ashby & Dill Grocery


This two story ochre brick building with cast stone window sills, trim, and cornice was restored and converted into an office building in 1983. Ashby and Dill Grocery opened with the building on the ground floor. Over the years, numerous businesses have been located on the ground floor. The second floor has been the home of several boarding houses or hotels. The original second floor lodging business was the Sally E. Smith's Boarding House. By the 1920's, the second floor was operated by Mrs. L.C. Brown. The Alps Hotel was located here in the late 1930's and this is where the building gets its current name. The building is located in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Register Historic District.


Alps Hotel