Architecture in Fort Worth

AFL-CIO Union Hall

2350 N. Main St. - c.1908 (NRHD, CFWHD, DD)


Although the origins of this commercial building are not known, it was constructed around 1908 in the bustling Stock Yards area.  From 1920 to 1927, the Harry Vinnedge Co., a wholesale grocer and coffee & spice distributor operated here.  In 1927, Vinnedge relocated his business to this building. Various other businesses have used the ground floor and from 1949 until 1974, the upper level served as an AFL/CIO Union Hall.  The union owned the building during that time span.  The ground floor has been altered at some point in time. There are several ghost signs on this building, including one on the front and a very large one on the north side of the building. There are several more on the south side.