2411-13 N. Main


  • 2411 N. Main St.
    2411 N. Main St.

Historic Designations:
National Register Ft. Worth Stockyards Historic District
City of Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District

Oasis Hotel
Palestine Hotel

This two story, commercial building is very ornate for the Stock Yards area. Over the years, the storefront has been altered, but everything above that point has retained its original character. The building is constructed with brown brick features a corbelled frieze, ornate brick work surrounding the windows, a pressed metal cornice, and a stepped cast stone parapet with ornamentation at the center. The transom windows feature a diamond pattern, and they appear to be original. From 1920 until 1933, a Piggly Wiggly grocery store occupied the ground floor. The Palestine Hotel occupied the second floor until 1936, when it was replaced by the Oasis Hotel. PR's Saloon is the current ground floor tenant.



Architectural Style:
Early 20th Century Commercial

Retail/Former Hotel