Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building

100 N. Calhoun St. - 2015

  • Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building
    Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building

HOK of Dallas designed this new Civil Courts Building that replaced the Old Civil Courts Building. It sat on the west side of the Tarrant County Courthouse and it was demolished in 2013. The old courts building had four limestone angels on its facade and they were removed from the building before demolition. Three of them were reinstalled on the front and rear facades of the new building. It features a pink granite clad concave front facade with the first floor clad in granite on the other three sides. Above the first floor on those three sides is there is a mix of red brick and pink granite. The building sits across Calhoun Street from the Tarrant County College Trinity River East Campus. The entrance is through a segmented arch opening across most of the curved facade. The sixth floor along the front facade has recessed glass with pairs of columns supporting an eyebrow. The building was named after the Late Tarrant County Judge, and former Arlington Mayor, Tom Vandergriff.


Architectural Style:

HOK, Dallas