The Woman's Club of Fort Worth

1300-26 Pennsylvania Ave. (RTHL, CFW)

Created in 1923, the Woman's Club of Fort Worth was formed from various social and study groups throughout the city.  The charter members met at a house donated by Mrs. William Newby.  As the club grew, it acquired other houses in the 1300 block of Pennsylvania, eventually taking the entire city block.  A few new buildings have been constructed over the years, as well.  In the complex are four historic homes and three newer buildings.  All but one of these face Pennsylvania Avenue.  All of the homes and buildings have been painted white to unify the complex.  The grounds are well landscaped and an ornamental iron fence runs down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Below are the individual buildings with descriptions:

Bewley Hall - 1318 Pennsylvania Ave.- 1929
Margaret Meacham Hall - 1326 Pennsylvania Ave. - 1904 (RTHL, CFW)
Wm. G. Newby Memorial Bldg. - 1316 Pennsylvania Ave. - 1911 (RTHL, CFW)
Ida Saunders Hall  - 1320 Pennsylvania Ave. - 1903 (RTHL, CFW)
Anna Shelton Hall  - 1316 Pennsylvania Ave. - 1926 (RTHL, CFW)
Florence Shuman Hall  - 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. - 1914 (RTHL, CFW)
Waples Hall - 1316 Pennsylvania Ave. - 1949 (RTHL, CFW)

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