Wayside Church of God in Christ

2100 Beckham Place - 1944 (FWHSE)

Bishop R.E. Ranger served as the legendary Pastor of the Wayside Church of God In Christ from January 16, 1930 until January 6, 1992.  This is one of the longest tenures as a Pastor of the same church in both Fort Worth and Texas History.  In 1944, Bishop Ranger drew up the plans for this building and he also demolished the original church on this site himself.  Many radio and television broadcasts originated from this building and it served as an anchor for the Trezevant Addition to the city.  The neighborhood has changed rapidly over the last several decades.  Commercial development has led to the demolition of the entire neighborhood except for this church.  As the last surviving structure of the neighborhood, Bishop Ranger's children had building declared a Highly Significant Endangered Landmark with the City of Fort Worth in 2004. 

The building is constructed in the shape of a cross and it is clad in yellow brick.  The detailing on the building is mildly Gothic and it is ornamented minimally.  The main entrance to the church is marked by a tower.

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