Architecture in Fort Worth



Green B. Trimble Technical High School

1003 W. Cannon - 1918; 1927; 1955; 1966; 1973; 1979; 2002; 2003 (CFW)


In 1918, a new high school opened at this location to replace the older Fort Worth High School on South Jennings, a few blocks away.  The original building was designed by Sanguinet & Staats and was built by two construction companies: The Bryce Building Co., and the Wyatt C. Hedrick Construction Co.  The original section of the building, which is the front of the main facade, features a red brick veneer with glazed cream colored terra cotta trim.  The building's architectural style is eclectic with both Gothic and Prairie School elements.  The main wing consists of three massive four story pavilions joined by three story sections.  The interior finishes include hexagonal ceramic tile floors with plaster walls and ceilings. A cast stone element over the west entrance has the name "Fort Worth High School" inscribed. However, in the same school year, North Fort Worth High School opened on the North Side. By 1926, the name had been changed to Central High School. In 1927, the rear wings and the auditorium were designed by Wylie G. Clarkson and constructed by the Harry B. Friedman Construction Co.  This addition is identical in style to the original building and is very difficult to distinguish from the original on the exterior.  In 1935, the school was renamed R.L. Paschal High School after the school's longtime principal.  In 1955, the school had outgrown the campus and Paschal moved to its present location on Forest Park Blvd.  At that time, the technical high school moved from the North Side to this location.  In 1955, a one story major addition was made to the west side of the main building to accommodate the needs of a technical high school.  In 1966, a two story addition was built on the east side of the main building, and the building was renamed for one of its former principals, Green B. Trimble. In the 1970's, more modifications were made to the building and to the site, which included lowering of the ceilings and partial filling in of windows.  A totally incompatible free-standing gymnasium built out of pre-cast concrete panels was constructed behind the main building and W. Terrell Street was relocated one block south along the old right-of-way of Humbolt Street for a football field and new Field House.  In 2002, Ames Fender designed a new 2 story Technology Wing on the southeast side of the school and it included a new cafeteria.  The Technology Wing was constructed by Thos. S. Byrne of Fort Worth.  In late 2002/early 2003, an existing doctor's clinic on a portion of the site that was not purchased in the 1970's was converted into a new Field House and three additional city blocks were taken into the campus.  The southern boundary of the campus is now Dashwood Street.  The areas of the campus south of the main building are now devoted to athletics with a new full size football field, running track, softball field, baseball field and tennis courts.  The architect for the Athletic Fields and Field House was Halbach-Dietz Architects. 





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