Winfield Scott House

1608 8th Ave. - 1909 (NR)

This two story home was used by Winfield Scott while he renovated Thistle Hill, one block away.  It is a part of an entire block of early 1900's homes that have been restored.  All of the properties that face 8th Avenue are owned by Attorney Art Brender.  The architect for the restoration in 2003 was Paul Koeppe.  Over the years, so much of this house had been renovated that it was hard to tell there was a historic home behind all of the alterations.  All five homes on the block make a cohesive element of structures that have endured through the history of Fort Worth's Near South Side.  At the current time, the home is vacant, but office use is planned for the structure.  The neighboring homes are the Mitchell-Schoonover House and the Irion House.

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