Architecture in Fort Worth

Moncrief Cancer Institute

400 W. Magnolia Ave. - 2012


The Moncrief Cancer Institute has is origins back to shortly after World War II, when The Radiation and Medical Research Foundation of the Southwest was founded.  Throughout the 1960's and 1970's, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Moncrief provided generous contributions to the facility.  A new center was dedicated to the Moncriefs as the Moncrief Radiation Center in 1980.  In 1995, administration of the Center was given to the University of Texas System's MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In 1999, administration was transferred to UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.  In 2006, the facility changed its name to the Moncrief Cancer Center as they changed their direction from a radiation center to expand its patient support services.  In 2012 the new buiding opened in the 400 Block of West Magnolia with a new name, the Moncrief Cancer Institute.  It was designed by HKS of Dallas and offers a modern styled building amidst the historic buildings on the street.