Mitchell-Schoonover House

600 8th Ave. - c.1907

A jeweler, James E. Mitchell, constructed this house around 1907 on the southwest corner of 8th Avenue and Pennsylvania.  He hired Sanguinet & Staats to design this highly decorated and ornamented home.  In 1920, Dr. Charles Simmons, a family friend, purchased the home.  In 1945, the doctor transferred the ownership to his daughter and her husband, Dr. Frank Schoonover.  The Schoonovers lived in the home until 1979, when it was sold and converted over to a savings and loan and professional offices.  In 1995, Attorney Art Brender purchased the home and did some restoration on the interior and has been using the location for his practice.  Within the last few years, Brender has purchased the Winfield Scott House and the Irion House in the 600 block of 8th Avenue and has also restored them. 

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