Architecture in Fort Worth



Mehl Building

1228 S. Henderson St. - 1916


This three story building featured apartments on the upper two floors and commercial spaces on the ground floor. This structure was an early design for Fort Worth Architect Wiley G. Clarkson. The base of the building is a mix of storefront, brick, and cast stone. The upper floors are brown brick with cast stone trim and feature roofed bays that once housed open porches. Those porches were enclosed in later years. The building was constructed for B. Max Mehl, a world renowned numismatist. His business, the Numismatic Co. of Texas was located in the cast stone storefront, which opened onto West Magnolia Avenue. Plaques and decoration in the cast stone depict early American coins. Other retail space fronted on Henderson Street.  Over the years, the building became vacant and came into a state of disrepair. The building was restored in the mid-2000's and entirely converted into office space.  An elevator/stair tower was added on the northwest corner of the building that matches in style to the original structure and is not visible from the intersection of Henderson and Magnolia.  It has also been placed to the rear of the parking lot on the north side of the building.  At night, the building's architectural features are highlighted and in 2010, a corner neon blade sign was installed.


Henderson Street View with Elevator Tower




Before Restoration

After Restoration
Mehl Building in 2012

Mehl Building at Night