Durham House

611 9th Ave. - c. 1900

This is a very unique house that now serves as a law office.  The house is two stories with the first floor constructed with rusticated concrete block and the second floor tucked into the attic of a gabled roof.  A notable feature on the second floor is a gambrel roofed dormer on the south side of the house facing Pruitt Street.  The east and west ends of the second floor are stucco.  The most unusual feature of the house are the two hooded oval windows on the second floor.  This house is one of five homes on the block, all of which have been restored and all date from the early 1900's.  It has been documented that three families have lived in this structure since it was built.  The Slack Family lived in the house until 1920.  The Arnold Family resided here from 1920 until 1938.  Finally, the last documented family living there was the Durham Family. 

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