Architecture in Fort Worth

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center

1400 8th Ave. - 1959; c. 1965; 1971; 1994; 2006; 2008


All Saints Episcopal Hospital began in 1906 with 24 beds on the southeast corner of W. Magnolia and 8th Avenue.  In 1959, the hospital purchased a larger piece of land where they built a newer eight story hospital on Enderly Place.  The old building was closed.  At that time, Enderly Place was one block west of 8th Avenue.  Around 1965, the hospital underwent an expansion by adding two floors to the low rise portion of the building.  In 1971, another four story patient building was constructed across Enderly Place, the street was closed and the buildings were connected.  Over the years, the hospital continued to expand to the rear of the property and to the south.  The original building was built with buff brick and all of the additions through the 1970's continued the general architectural style of the campus.  In 1994, the hospital expanded again by constructing a triangular building that housed a new main entrance, lobby, emergency room, surgery, and outpatient departments.  This building was named the Nicholas and Louella Martin Tower. The architectural style of this addition was in contrast to the earlier buildings by using different colors of concrete block, brick, and tile.  This building was finished out at five stories, but was designed to have three more added on top. In 2006, those floors were added to the building and this started another major expansion of the hospital. A parking garage was added in front of the 1971 building, and to the north of the garage, the Paul and Judy Andrews Women's Hospital was constructed. The first photograph shows the 1960 tower, the 1971 addition, and the 1994 addition.  The second photograph shows only the 1994 addition.