Legal Aid of Northwest Texas

600 E. Weatherford St. - 2008

  • Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
    Legal Aid of Northwest Texas

This new building, designed by Multatech, opened in 2008 on the site of the Civic Building, which was formerly the Weatherford Street Methodist Church.  It was demolished in 2007.  The ground floor is primarily parking that is screened by the building structure.  This floor features screens that mirror the fenestration of the office space above.  Between the openings are brick piers.  The second floor is brick, cast stone trim, and glass.  On the third floor, the primary materials are metal panels.  A sun screen awning sits above the windows on that level.  The entry corner is highlighted with the north wall being stone and the west wall being glass. 


Photograph of the demolished Weatherford Street Methodist Church (Civic Building)


Architectural Style:

Multatech, Fort Worth

Office Building