Architecture in Fort Worth

Kress Building

604 Main/605 Houston - 1936 (NR, CFW)


This Art Deco commercial structure was designed by Edward F. Sibbert from New York, who was the architect on many of the Kress Co. stores. The building actually has two entrances, one on Main Street and the other on Houston Street. Meso Maya occupies the main shopping floor of the old five and dime store with entrances at 604 Main and 605 Houston.  The basement is currently vacant and is for lease.  Until 1996, the Kress Building was a part of an entire Art Deco block of buildings along Houston Street. (See Buildings Demolished Since 1995).  The gray panels that covered the Art Deco Kress logos at the parapet have been removed and the damaged parts of the facade have been replaced.  The upper floors were renovated into loft apartments in 2006.

Historic Photographs from the Jack White Collection, University of Texas at Arlington:
Looking south from 4th and Main in 1936

1946 Photo of Houston Street Facade from UTA Libraries Digital Gallery


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Kress Building