Jarvis Building

504-08 Main St. - c.1884; remodel 1968; restored 2008-09

  • Jarvis Building Before Restoration in 2004
    Jarvis Building Before Restoration in 2004
  • Jarvis Building After Restoration Taken in 2016
    Jarvis Building After Restoration Taken in 2016

Historic Designations:
City of Fort Worth Demolition Delay

The Allen Building


This is one of the oldest commercial buildings still standing in downtown, and the only commercial stone building that I know of still in existence. The building is named for J.J. Jarvis, who was a member of one of the founding families of Fort Worth. It was originally named The Allen Building and Jarvis purchased it in 1908.  Although altered in 1968 by a stucco patch over 1/2 of the facade, this building is an excellent example of Italianate commercial architecture present in Fort Worth in the 1880's. This stucco patch was been painted to resemble the remainder of the facade before the restoration. The building features cut sandstone on the upper floor and cast iron columns on the ground floor. The cast iron was covered up in the 1968 remodel, but they exposed the columns during the restoration.  At some point in time, the red sandstone building was painted white in order to keep the stone walls from leaking.  It was decided during the restoration to paint the building again rather than remove it.  The ground floor currently houses the Jubilee Theater and The Downtown Visitors Center of Visit Fort Worth. The building is part of Sundance Square.


1948 Photograph from the UTA Libraries Digital Gallery


Architectural Style:

Office/Retail Building