Architecture in Fort Worth

Houston Place Lofts

910 Houston Street - 1906; two story addition - 1918; remodeled 1952; restoration 1981; loft apartment conversion - 1996 (CFW)

The Morris Plan Insurance Building
Mitchell-Gartner-Thompson Insurance Building
Texas State Bank
Western National Bank


The building and its two story addition were designed by Fort Worth Architects Sanguinet & Staats. The contractor for the projects was Wyatt C. Hedrick.  It was originally constructed as the home of the Western National Bank for banker William H. Eddleman. (See Eddleman-McFarland House.) By 1913, the bank was taken over by the Texas State Bank. It was one of the first concrete skyscrapers built in Fort Worth. In 1918, the Texas State Bank added two additional floors to the top of the building. In 1952, with an effort to "modernize" the building, porcelain panels were installed over the historic facade. In 1981, the panels were removed and the building was restored except for elements that had been removed in the previous renovations (including some elaborate parapet ornamentation), and until recently, the building was used for offices. Also in 1981, an 11 level parking garage was constructed next door.  The building was converted to 29 loft apartments in 1996. There is also one penthouse apartment.   In recent years, the apartments have been converted into condominium units.

Historic Photos from the Jack White Collection:
1940 W.D. Smith Photo

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