Architecture in Fort Worth




Fort Worth Star-Telegram Building

400 W. 7th - 1920; additions 1940, 1948, & 1970; restored 2014


This is another downtown landmark (original building) designed by Sanguinet & Staats. Wyatt C. Hedrick Construction Company was the General Contractor.  Hedrick, was also an architect and engineer.  Eventually, he became partners with Sanguinet & Staats and ultimately took over the firm on their retirement.  Originally, the back wall was irregular shaped. The 1940 addition squared off the rear of the building. It was designed by Hedrick. The 1948 addition, designed by William Ginsberg Associates of New York,  doubled the size of it. The 1970 expansion featured a new building across 6th Street that also spanned over it. This addition was designed by Preston M. Geren and was constructed by Thos. S. Byrne, both of Fort Worth.  At the same time, the first floor mezzanine and the basement mezzanine were expanded to become full floors, and the base of the building was altered at that ime.  One impressive feature of the building is the terra cotta frieze above the 4th floor windows.  In 2011, Bob R. Simpson purchased the building and the paper moved to the Commerce Building, one block to the east.  That building was renamed the Star-Telegram Building.  At the current time, this building is being restored, and Simpson has moved his offices into the structure. The building is now illuminated at night to highlight the architectural details. The lighting can change color, if desired.



Before Restoration
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

After Restoration
At Night