Fort Worth Public Library

500 W. 3rd St. - 1978; Addition 1994; Interior 1999

  • Fort Worth Public Library from Lamar Street
    Fort Worth Public Library from Lamar Street

This building was originally designed as an underground library by FSB/Texas. The library also had a problem with roof leaks. Lamar Street once ran over the library. To solve the leaks, a two-story addition was made to the library. In 1994, there was only enough money in the budget to build a facade and a roof over the underground structure.  The architect that designed the shell was David M. Schwarz of Washington D.C. with Growald Associates of Fort Worth as the Associate Architect. The interior was finished out in 1999. 


Architectural Style:
Post Modern

Original Architect:
FSB/Texas, Fort Worth

Addition Design Architect:
David M. Schwarz Architectural Services, Washington, D.C.

Addition Associate Architect:
Growald Associates, Fort Worth