Fort Worth Club Tower

777 Taylor St. - 1974

  • Fort Worth Club Tower from 5th & Taylor
    Fort Worth Club Tower from 5th & Taylor

In 1972, the Fort Worth Club purchased the neighboring 14 story Worth Hotel and Theater, which opened in 1927. That building was designed by Wyatt C. Hedrick. The theater was the largest and grandest in Downtown. Later that year, the club demolished the building and they announced an expansion for the club to replace it. This 14 story building features ground floor retail/office, 5 levels of parking, one mechanical level, and 7 floors of office and club space. The building is clad in pre-cast concrete panels. At 14 stories, the Fort Worth Club Tower is one foot taller than the Worth Hotel that it replaced.

Architectural Style:



Lawrence D. White & Associates, Fort Worth


Office Building