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#29658 Warehouse building

Posted by fortworthman on 07 September 2006 - 09:01 PM

Warehouse building, Jones St and E. 9th, SW corner, c. 1930s, Fort Worth.
View is looking South.
This building was next to the Tex-Ice complex on Jones Street.
I think that John Collier Industries owned this building in the 1950s and it either stored or manufatured one of the first oleo margarines. The name of the product at the time was Clover Bloom 99. In those days Texas Law required that "real" butter had to be pressed with a star symble so that the the consumer in a resturant could tell if they were eating the real thing or eating that new fake butter called margarine.
At time of this photo, the building was used as a moving company storage warehouse. Notice the 5 didgit phone number painted on the side of the building.
Those are the Santa Fe Railroad tracks and yard to the left. You can see the Santa Fe Railroad passenger termainal in the far distance. This is the area that most of the Hobos and Bums came off the railroad freight cars to converge on Fort Worth. This is also were they hopped the freight out of town. This was the Depression Era and there were many of them. They were still jumping the freight cars in the 1970s. There was always a lot of borken glass in the street and sidewalks from cheap wine and whiskey bottles. The Fort Worth police had to make extra daily sweeps along Jones Steet to pick up the drunk hobos who had passed out in the street or side walk. The "paddy wagon" the police used was called "The Black Mariah" by the unwilling passengers.
Today these tracks have been changed somewhat and are part of the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) Station. The current TRE station is located to the south side of this warehouse where the backside of the old Tex-Ice building is located in the photo.


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#29654 Farmers Market c. 1935

Posted by fortworthman on 07 September 2006 - 08:14 PM

The old Fort Worth Farmer's Market 1110 Jones Street, c. 1935. This photo view is taken from the roof of the Fruits and Produce Terminal Building looking southwest. The shed extension was fairly new in this photo and built after 1930. Notice the Texas and Pacific Railroad building and station in the distance. It was hazy this morning, which was typical in Fort Worth at the time. Much of the industrial machinery and railroads used fossil fuel burning. Thus a lot of smoke and pollutants existed in those days. There was always a lot of activity in this area. (See early photo of Farmers Market in this forum)

As noted in other post, this building (s) was sold in the early 1970s and demolished soon after. It was a public parking lot for many years.


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#29648 Tex-Ice building - Looking South c. 1935

Posted by fortworthman on 07 September 2006 - 04:06 PM

Texas Ice & Refrigerating Co. 1109 Jones Street, Fort Worth, Texas, c1935. This photo is looking South on Jones Street. (See previous post showing this location looking north).

This photo shows the Fruits & Produce Terminal building. Railroad cars and trucks brought fruits and produce from the farm producers here for wholesale distribution to the city of Fort Worth. Across the street was also the Farmers Market where small production farmers brought their produce to sell also. (See Farmers Market photo in previous post)

Offices for the Texas Ice & Refrigerating Co. were upstairs as well as offices for wholesale produce brokers. These offices looked like the ones you would see in the old movies with Sam Spade Private Investigator painted on the translucent glass door and office windows. Long hallway with mysterious doors painted "Private". It was sort of creepy in the late afternoon and night when all was quiet.

During the day, this street was very busy with a lot of truck traffic. This was one of the largest centers of commodities commerce for Fort Worth in it's time. Deliveries and distribution to Fort Worth's restaurants, grocery stores as well as some to even Dallas if they wanted the best.

Looking farther south, the next large distant building is the Santa Fe Railway Freight Terminal building. Perhaps you can see it adjacent to the Santa Fe Railway Passenger Terminal.

What is located at the old Fruits and Produce building today? Walk into the Bus Parking area of the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) Station and you will be standing were these buildings are in the photo. (You can see a photo of the TRE station elsewhere in this forum. )

This building was sold in the early 1970s and demolished soon after. It was a public parking lot for many years.


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#29308 Ft Worth - Aerial View 2 - c. 1930

Posted by fortworthman on 31 August 2006 - 02:10 AM

Fort Worth aerial view 1930's

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#29306 Fort Worth - Aerial View 1930's

Posted by fortworthman on 31 August 2006 - 12:09 AM

I have some old photos of Fort Worth industrial area.
Old Farmers Market and Tex Ice Cold Storage along Jones St. next to downtown Fort Worth.
I am new to the forum so be patient with me for some additional photos.
This photo is late 1930's early 1940's. Jones street is left to right in foreground. Santa Fe RR tracks.
Anyone know what that building to the left of Hotel Texas?
I made this photo large enough so viewer can see details of buildings.

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