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#109061 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by tamtagon on Today, 12:34 PM



...and it's from former Star-T mainstay Mitchell Schnurman.

#108293 Economic Development Plan

Posted by tamtagon on 14 January 2018 - 11:02 AM




...the plan also mentions how Fort Worth is not considered warm or welcoming to outsiders, particularly not to immigrants or young people, meaning talented artists, musicians, actors and professionals....




Stuck in the mud, cutting off the nose to spite the face. Two unfortunate idioms that apply to governance in many Tarrant County cities.   


Municipal leadership all across Tarrant County struggles to allow change, maintaining things the way they are. The Good Ole Boy Network works hardest to keep out competition. This "network" remains stronger in Fort Worth than any other big city in Texas and has successfully upheld the accomplishments, innovations, advancements to be found in Fort Worth to 1980s standards.  We are not in Missouri (eg) with primary population centers Kansas City and St Louis growing just a little bit every year. Big cities in Texas grow just a little bit every month


The Metroplex competition with Dallas brought two cities to prominence; the economic meltdown of the 1980s eliminated so many long term plans, systems, relationships.... Scorched earth with nothing new growing and no prospects on the horizon. The whole region hunkered down to weather the storm. By the 90s, Fort Worth and Dallas were still reeling without an action plan while Richardson/Plano and Irving figured out a new way and that new way has coalesced the second and third largest employment centers in the area. 


As the region's two downtown's began to wake up, Downtown Dallas existed a pitiful, unorganized, unfriendly suburban office campus unfashionably squeezed into an urban setting. Fort Worth found relaxing and enjoyable success within the Sundance Square bunker. Since the turn of the century, the Good Ole Boy Network leadership control in Dallas has been whittled away, and the city is booming. Fort Worth is about the same, on the verge of decades long growth.... but still teetering of the line between the good old days and better days ahead.


Back to the quote from the STelegram opinion piece.... as a nice, inviting and urban destination Sundance Square anchors downtown Fort Worth in a walkable residential neighborhood or daytrip. During the first part of my decade in Denton, my gang would go to Fort Worth and Dallas about the same. My gang comprised of artists, musicians, thespians, and aimless richkids.... During the second part of my decade in Denton, my gang would only go to Fort Worth for museum activities. Deep Ellum was surging and swelling to it's breaking point, and there was nothing in Fort Worth. The handful of time a group of us would go downtown, we did not feel very welcome. We certainly looked different, and that got some strong stares. No reason to go back. I lived a decade in Dallas, and the gang would make the trip to Fort Worth every couple months --- to get out of town because Dallas was growing too small, too pretentious. Fort Worth was a wonderful diversion, but visits to the 'city' were limited to museums and parks. Only the Water Gardens and 8.0 were downtown options, and even 8.0 had a slight feeling of animosity toward a bunch of "weirdos".


The bones of downtown are outstanding, but until the mentality of it's leaders evolves out of the Leave It to Beaver era, change will be as slow as molasses in winter. Politically, Texas operates as one of very conservative states. Gerrymandering does it's job. Democrat versus Republican and vice versa: a terrible way to improve communities, but the 20th century Democratic strangle hold needed to be undone, and now the Republican strange hold needs to be undone. It's all business as usual. whatever. But, among big cities in Texas, Fort Worth lags far far far behind the others as an agent of change. Social and community growth is rooted in the cities, and all cultures are led by the concentrated populations of cities. Fort Worth is being held back. 


The 400 page study is the start of a new Fort Worth. It'll take a decade, but the change is inevitable. How quickly the city begins expensive municipal investments that have few short term and mostly long term results is the fulcrum.   

#108089 TCU's massive campus transformation continues

Posted by tamtagon on 29 December 2017 - 12:18 PM

I watched part of that comeback! Redemptive for sure. Still holding out for the big prize--don't know if I'd rather see that happen before or after college football finally has real play-offs.


The sports array at TCU is certainly compelling, I hadn't realized the big 3 men's teams were so successful. School spirit is very important, it helps attract other benefits, too, and I have to say I'm more encouraged to learn the music department is getting the upgrades mentioned in the thread earlier. What about art? 


The intangibles are hard to measure and frequently show little "return" on investment, but I think these music, art, english, philosophy etc degree plans are as important engineering, computer science and medicine. but.... does Fort Worth have a technology partnership with TCU (and UTA) that would draw those high profile work groups to town? Incubators or Work Study or Unicorn or whatever it's called today, but the city and it's universities have programs energized by and symbiotic with companies.... like Texas Instruments and UTD. 


With all the energy potential in West Texas, I still think Fort Worth could be the "Houston" of the Texas Renewable energy sector: Wind & Sun. The best way to pull all those decision makers to town are with the most highly regarded university education. 

#108056 TEX Rail project

Posted by tamtagon on 26 December 2017 - 09:50 AM


This is in the best spirit of The Forum. :)



I'm sorry for getting into this non-topic spat with you. 


Has the TRE/TexRail station gotten any attention from mixed-use planners yet? Making the highway overpass into an access point to the Near Southside and Medical District would create a very compelling Vickery Boulevard.

#108046 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by tamtagon on 24 December 2017 - 07:56 AM

no, my comments do not portray Fort Worth the way you list.  you're full of horse-hockey to keep making such a leap as to interpret my comments like that. You're not suspicious, and you're being a rude person to other forum participants.


Who appointed you gate-keeper of what is and is not allowed to be said about Fort Worth on an open discussion forum? 

#108041 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by tamtagon on 23 December 2017 - 07:19 PM



(1) "a city in a quagmire"..."a city in stagnation" - Such love? If this is an expression of love; what is the definition for disdain?  When at the time these achievements were planned or accomplished, I don't recall any laughter or "rolling eyes". Perhaps you are referring to those in "your" Dallas.

(2) Of course, Fort Worth should aspire to the likes of Seattle, Portland and Austin.  It should want to be consider in that group that  they comprise and for which they consistently rank among the top 15 large cities in the U.S. for lifestyle and live able, instead of a large city that is routinely left out of any top rankings for lifestyle or live able in spite of being a robust job center.


Mocking and laughing at Fort Worth seems irresistible for a particular gang of naysayers.



I'm not sure why you keep trying to link me with disdain toward of Fort Worth. It's tiresome and a disservice to this discussion forum. 

#108035 TEX Rail project

Posted by tamtagon on 23 December 2017 - 09:21 AM

That is going to be a real roller coaster of a ride north of downtown.


I'm looking forward to the views this ride will offer.

#108034 Amazon in search of 2nd headquarters

Posted by tamtagon on 23 December 2017 - 09:19 AM


I am encouraged with the City having the beginnings of Tier One Medical School campus;



If North Texas is really at or near the top, I am encouraged with Fort Worth's chance to be the one in spite of all of the recent disparaging and the downtrodden of us and who we are.


Personally, I'd like to see more Osteopathic medical schools & hospitals like the one in Fort Worth.


I like the humor in this flood of melodramatic responses to the EDP.  To those of us who love Fort Worth and have been calling for a change to the stagnant SOP for almost two decades, we applaud this first step acknowledgement that the downtown area has hibernated long enough.

#108025 Economic Development Plan

Posted by tamtagon on 22 December 2017 - 08:09 AM

... Frequent posting members weigh in on a variety of topics and by doing so demonstrate a real interest in Fort Worth.  I have noticed that your infrequent posts can be generally described have been opportunities to "kick or rub dirt in the face of Fort Worth by praising Dallas to all who may be within an ear" and that you never, even as infrequently as you post, miss that opportunity when you feel that you just can not resist drubbing Fort Worth.


Whatever! I read this last night and my eyes are still rolling this morning. 


Frequency (or infrequency) of posting does not necessarily gauge the realness of a participant's interest in Fort Worth. This obsessive paranoia over non-negative comments about Dallas is unhealthy, unproductive and hints at the quagmire Fort Worth finds itself in today. Maybe, the report should've come with a cushioning preface for all the pride-hurt Fort Worth Boosters forewarning a decade of compare/contrast exercises focused on the successes found in Dallas and Collin County. The process will be germane to economic growth and is not inherently insulting to Fort Worth. 


You want Fort Worth to grow more similar to Seattle and Austin? 

#107936 Economic Development Plan

Posted by tamtagon on 16 December 2017 - 09:11 PM



1, 2 and 3) I do not share the notion that Fort Worth lacks greatness nor do I intend to disparage efforts to improve the city. If I my observations came off that way, maybe attempting to wrap some humor into the discourse was my gaffe. I sure do understand how easily my forum-geek participation can lump me only into the Dallas Booster Club, but I have a membership in the Fort Worth Booster Club, too. Generally, I try to limit scathing observations to things going on in Dallas, but I probably wouldn't be too gentle navigating the field of landmines surrounding tender Fort Worth egos, if I feel the sentiment applies. :)


4) Um, well, I want more and better for both cities. Status quo maintains an EDP as an internal issue; a continuation of the limited worldview which developed a wonderful city in hibernation while all the neighbors kick it up a notch. Along those lines, what I can say about Dallas as a Fort Worth Booster is that there's a whole lot more to do in that city.


5) ... just responding to other comments about Meacham.

#107922 Economic Development Plan

Posted by tamtagon on 16 December 2017 - 07:45 AM


....but I would think if the region gets another one, it'll be at Alliance or possibly McKinney.  


You really miss the whole point of the EDP - the need for Fort Worth to place its interest first and to do something about it.


And you probably wonder why Dallas' boosters are frequently viewed as fiendish foes of what is good for Fort Worth. :angry:



Hahahaha I totally get the fiendish reputation of the Dallas Booster Club, and that's a reputation frequently deserved!! 


"Making Fort Worth Great Again" isn't going come from matching up head-to-head anymore. The sometimes debilitating rivalry between city builder booster clubs of the 20th Century created a fluid, contiguous population center -- North Texas -- with two of everything. It's fantastic, really, and totally undervalued by many if not most. I've always thoroughly enjoyed, too, the quick shift from the Dallas Booster Club when attention shifts away from Fort Worth to Houston.... all of a sudden the family stands strong! together to dispatch any vile Houston claim of "better."  Every established city faces the same formidable suburban juggernaut sucking up all the economic growth, Dallas boosters have the same need to place the interest of that city over those of the region as a whole. Rallying the troops to put Fort Worth First is only good for the pep rally, nothing substantive will come from a spirit trophy except another dust catcher on the shelf. Neither city can find great success by focusing on the competition over entities looking for the exurb-to-suburban conversion expansion. The city of Fort Worth is unlike any place within at least 500 miles, that's the selling point, there's just not as many folks looking to buy that product, and clearly the city has failed to search for, market to and win that business. 


I kinda think Meacham Field seems is on the wrong side of downtown to return as a commercial airport, though, but maybe that's because I want to elevate travel generated by Arlington Sports & Theme parks traffic over business travel to DTFW and Lake Cities; but it's not likely we'll just find a way to build an airport from scratch between FW-Arl for any reason. NW Tarrant county might begin the impressive conversion to suburb wonderland NE Tarrant, but I firmly believe expanding the Nature Refuge to encompass and include most of the West Fork Trinity River catchment, roughly everything between hwy 199 & 287/114 to Jacksboro. Creating such wedges of managed wilderness will be among the most important initiatives for the future of North Texas. Like -- almost half the state's population gets its drinking water from the Trinity River - Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston, so very little is more important than ensuring that river basin is as clean and verdant as possible. Establishing urban growth boundaries which infuse managed wilderness deep into the population center geography is a quality of necessity that's only beginning to warrant awareness. Fort Worth ought to be angling to create an environmental clean-up fund to take care of all the waste sure to be left behind by the fracking industry because if anything is for sure, the companies creating the pollution will fight to the death before they accept responsibility. anyway....


I don't believe for a New York minute should another passenger airport be allowed to open within 30 miles of DFW that $$Alliance Airport$$ owners/operators would allow the operation anywhere outside the Alliance property straddling the Denton/Tarrant county line. 

#107895 Economic Development Plan

Posted by tamtagon on 15 December 2017 - 09:51 AM

I've always wanted Meacham to be viable as a commercial airport again, too, but I would think if the region gets another one, it'll be at Alliance or possibly McKinney.  

#107889 Economic Development Plan

Posted by tamtagon on 15 December 2017 - 07:19 AM

 Fort Worth has the same assets as does Dallas


...almost the same assets. Decision making and leadership in Fort Worth-Arlington is not the same. 

#107532 Trinity Railway Express

Posted by tamtagon on 28 November 2017 - 08:43 AM

Using TRE for a day or overnight pleasure trip to Downtown Dallas is a thing to see as a violation of loyalty to Fort Worth as well as part of an adventure across the county line to enjoy what's-not Fort Worth.


Living more than a couple miles from a TRE station probably renders the ride more trouble than it's worth and more than that the Sunday return trip doesn't exist so why bother? From the Fort Worth perspective, though, it's important to consider how many people live within walking distance of a Downtown Dallas TRE station who would come to love such an easy trip to a different city. A long time ago my Dallas gang used to head to Fort Worth for fun, maybe once a month.... primarily to look at art, but the Botanic Garden was a stand alone destination, too. Sometimes we went just to go to 8.0.  I only remember being vaguely aware of TRE, but it was never an option. Spending the night in Fort Worth would have been great during the visits nothing better was happening in Dallas, but specifically spending the night in Fort Worth would have been great when Dallas was so stupid or tiresome or pretentious or boring or lame or we just wanted something different and Austin was too far.... these anecdotes show the best thing about North Texas, two cities, different and fun. 


Probably, overnight trips to Fort Worth will be a steadily growing source of TRE trips as the downtown Dallas area population grows --- IF the Sunday return becomes available. 

#107391 Two Fort Worth Forum Members In FW Inc. Magazine

Posted by tamtagon on 19 November 2017 - 06:13 PM

Two of the Fort Worth Forum Members have made the November/December issue of FW, Inc. Magazine.  The two are yours truly, and Austin55.  Our friend Tim Young (Downtown Fort Worth Walking Tours) took our photograph together at the Texas & Pacific Railway Terminal.  Below is a link to the article by Samantha Calimbahin.






...more like Austin 6'5"