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In Topic: T&P Warehouse Redevelopment

01 October 2015 - 12:10 PM

"Hotel on the east side? I don't know about how practical that will be. Installing windows and utilities to make apartments is one thing but what sort of renovations are going to be needed to put in hotel rooms? Is this going to be a-loft hotel since the apartments are loft-style? The hotel idea is going to add a lot of costs, just in multiple elevators, that a strictly residential use would not require."

I have been inside the warehouse and I think a boutique hotel on the east side would be a great use. Compared to the rest of the building it would be easy to retrofit. The east side was originally office space and already has its own elevator shafts, restrooms with plumbing, larger windows, and a reception area on the first floor. It is also separated from the warehouse portion of the building by large fire resistant doors which I assume the could leave and seal off to add to the industrial look.