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27 March 2012 - 04:05 PM

I worked in the Monnig's downtown store during high school and first year of college back in the late sixties. We traveled to each of the Monnig's suburb store and changed mannequins and trim the stores for the season.
I remember hanging out of the third story windows to apply giant wreaths to the outside of the downtown building and climbing a forty foot ladder in the store in Ridglea to change hanging decor.
Was a fun place to work because there was so much traffic in the downtown store at the time.
I have a lot of fond memories working there. Even remember Mr. Monnig standing at the bottom of the escalator next to the candy department almost everyday to count people going upstairs.

Only bad experience was overextending and falling through a glass display case in the women's lingerie department. Unharmed but mortified.