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Weather Thread

22 February 2018 - 10:21 AM

What an interesting past couple of days. Thunderstorms,  tons of rain, and ice and sleet just a bit north. 

Panther Island Transit

13 February 2018 - 01:58 AM

This has been hinted at in a few posts (such as here and here) but I thought deserved it's own thread. Judging by the images used as examples and TRV's history with the 2010 Streetcar proposal it appears they plan a new streetcar here. 




A fixed line will connect Panther Island to downtown establishing smart access from home to the Central Business District thereby reducing the number of cars on the road creating less mobile emissions and better air quality. Inside the island a “circulator” line around the perimeter of Panther Island will connect each development node and serve residents and visitors to Panther Island.

Quarry Falls

09 February 2018 - 04:55 PM

An interesting development in Zoning Commission document. Fairly significant sized Mixed Use project NE corner of 820 and Old Decatur Rd. Oh, and a Ferris Wheel.



The proposed development is intended to center on an entertainment complex/convention center. The proposed MU development includes restaurants, bars, shops, an event center, hotels, a beach area for the quarry area and a Ferris wheel. The MU-1 district was chosen since it is based on the “E” Neighborhood Commercial zoning district. The proposed PD designation adds bar and hotel uses and adds minimum height for the hotel and entertainment buildings only. The MU-2 district was discussed which would allow the bars and height by right, however it is based on the “I” Light Industrial district which allows more intense uses and a maximum height of 10 stories for a mixed use building. MU-1 allows a maximum of 5 stories for a mixed use building. A PD would be required for the hotel either way due to the proximity to the residential use. Therefore, the PD/MU-1 district was selected with the bar and hotel uses added with the additional height for specific buildings only. The entertainment center will be built into the side of the excavated former mining pit. A lower level bar will be built into this area, causing the actual height of the building on the western façade to appear less than six stories. Structured parking will also be provided under the building. The western edge of lake will be incorporated into the facility with a beach and outdoor entertainment. The development is expected to include at least one hotel but may be more than one, depending on the demand. On the northern edge, the hotel is approximately 250 feet from residential to the north. A PD is required for a hotel that is within 1,000 feet of a one or two family residential district. Several low level parking garages are proposed in between mixed use buildings. Parking is required for the multifamily units and also for the commercial uses since the development is within 250 ft of the One Family District. Three levels of parking for the entertainment complex is designed beneath the central building. The project is designed so that the parking garages can accommodate the parking demand overflow for this complex. The development proposes a Ferris wheel on the Loop 820 frontage with heights that vary from 80 ft. to 135 ft. The Ferris wheel is expected to include LED lights that change colors and patterns. The developer has verified that it does not fall within an area of concern from the Meacham Airport runway to the south and the lighting will require TxDOT approval to ensure it does not distract drivers’ attention. The eastern side of the property is a former quarry, similar to the current operation to the south of Loop 820. A large pond currently holds water where the reclamation activities occurred in the past. The applicant is proposing residential uses such as apartments/condos or townhouses in this area but the final product has not yet been determined. The “D” High Density Multifamily district was determined by various city staff to be most appropriate for the intention of the area, including the buildings, oriented to the lake, parking lot between the building and the street, and that the area will be gated



Funding transit

06 February 2018 - 11:31 AM

A new proposal, coming from the general fund sales tax instead of CCPD funds, is being disscused.


Metallica at the FWCC in 97

17 January 2018 - 02:54 PM

Really well shot video of the entire concert. Metallica isn't really my taste but figured some might enjoy seeing it any remembering the CC in it's heyday.