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In Topic: Movie Theaters now gone

21 December 2008 - 07:50 AM

I saw so many movies at the different Fort Worth theaters that they kind of run together, but a few still stand out.

At the Seminary South cinema, I saw "Jaws" when it first came out, and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Every time I went to Benbrook Lake after that, I'd be looking around really close in case one of those huge catfish grew some teeth and tried to nab me newlaugh.gif I had a morbid fear of sharks because one of my great uncles was a survivor of the USS Indianapolis and every family reunion we hear about the terrible events that the guy in "Jaws" refers to. The real stories are more horrifying that what the movie character conveys.

At the Wedgwood, went to see "The Bad News Bears", enjoyed it so much we saw it 3 times. I was a lot like the character "Tanner" as a kid.

In high school, for a short period I dated a pretty young lady who was more culturally attuned than myself, I liked to see violent or funny shows but she liked more sophisticated fare. Accordingly we went and saw movies like "Being There" at the Opera House and "Norma Rae" at the Ridglea. I think it was "Norma Rae", it was a Sally Field movie about some sort of textile worker union organizer, and quite possibly the most boring movie that I ever sat through as a teen.

My favorite movie experience was going to the Esquire theater in Cleburne when it still had the huge single screen. Movies there were incredible. They still had the old "crying room" with the glass wall for folks to take their babies in, boy it would be nice to have one of those now to lock cell-phone users in. But I digress. Two vivid memories of mine were seeing "True Grit" there and "The Cowboys". For those who haven't seen "True Grit" in a long time, you may have forgotten the incredible outdoor scenery. On that huge screen, it just absolute blew me away as an elementary school age kid who had never really seen anything but parboiled gray grass and blistered red dirt here in Texas. Mountains! Snow! Rooster Cogburn blasting bad guys! And "The Cowboys" - holy cow, young kids my age getting to go on a cattle drive! Ho ho ho I still hate Bruce Dern for cowardly gunning down the Duke.

Another favorite memory of the big Cleburne theater was the Christmas matinee they ran, it used to be a common thing in the Fort Worth area. Parents would drop us off at the theater early, and we had to bring some canned goods or fruit or something for admission, then we were treated to an entire day of cartoons and shorts. Little Rascals, Three Stooges, Looney Tunes, boy we had a ball. The huge screen had a small stage that ran all the way across, and during the day they would pause the movies and get up there with bicycles and stuff they gave away, or play games and throw the kids little balls like at the football games. Those Christmas matinees were one of the hilites of my childhood Christmas memories, wish they still did them.

Family legend has it that my older sister convinced me to get up on that stage and dance during one of the many Elvis flicks we saw there, I don't remember the dancing but I do remember the Elvis movies. To this day I enjoy watching his movies. The critics don't like them, but in my experience anything the critics like I am best off staying far, far away from....

In Topic: Eateries

12 October 2008 - 12:57 PM

The Paris Coffee shop at the intersection of Magnolia and Hemphill is still really good.

Massey's steak house on 8th avenue used to be famous for their chicken fried steaks, but I can't recommend it any more. We ate there last month and in addition to a general air of disrepair, the CFS was terrible - gravy was lumpy and the consistency of that white paste we used to use in kindergarten. Used to be one of my favorite places to eat but quality has been dropping over the last several years.

On Camp Bowie there is the Original Mexican food restaurant, it's been there since the 30's and still churning out great food.

Kincaids hamburgers, right off Camp Bowie. They make a pretty tasty burger and have been around a long time. They also opened a branch over on Hulen / Overton Ridge.

Mama's pizza, on Berry. Used to be one on Camp Bowie but last time we went there for lunch it had been closed.

Don't laugh, but one of my favorites is still Pancho's. Going there was a rare and huge treat when we were kids, and all these years later they still make some tasty food. You have to be a bit picky in your selections, but overall its still good eats for a fair price. Best reserved for those days when you are really really hungry laugh.gif

In Topic: Buddie's Super Markets

03 August 2008 - 03:27 PM

One of the items we kids particularly liked was the "Texas Size Donut" at the Buddie's bakery. As I recall you could get them at both the Crowley and Burleson stores. They were about the same diameter as a paper plate and the bakers would pile on powdered sugar or chocolate glaze if you wanted. Outstanding! cheeburga.gif

They also had the routine where they would give a young kid a free cookie. Wonder if any of the grocery stores still do that?

In Topic: Airport Freeway Tunnel

03 August 2008 - 01:46 PM

I checked it out on Google maps and on the satellite view if you look at the southwest end of DFW airport by 183you can clearly see the old runway structures previously mentioned. However I do not know the significance of the "@" symbol that shows up in the grassy area.

I have a copy of the satellite view saved as a jpeg but don't know to embed it here....

In Topic: Stuff around Kimball's

19 July 2008 - 06:47 AM

Funny how thinking about the past will lead your memory down different paths. As I was writing the above message, I was thinking about those jellies they used to make - boy they were pretty good, would like to have some now. Another product which I really liked was Jetton's Barbecue sauce, Kimbell's bottled it for a short while and it was truly excellent stuff. Years later, when I was already out of college I was cleaning out the folk's garage and found an old cardboard case that had held Jetton's. The box had been used for other stuff, but there was still one unopened bottle of Jetton's sauce. The years had turned it a bit sludgy, but it still smelled reasonably good even after 20 years storage.

No, I didn't taste it... but I was a bit tempted cheeburga.gif Just didn't want to end up on the news: LOCAL MAN HOSPITALIZED WITH PTOMAINE POISONING AFTER EATING 20 YEAR OLD SAUCE: 'IT WAS THE SECONDS THAT DID ME IN'

Wish they still made it, boy it was good sauce.