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Old Fort Worth Building Architectural Elements Sculptures

07 April 2008 - 09:57 AM

Great forum, I am pleased to have joined the group. I am a dealer of European antiquities and am called on quite often by friends to help determine the provenance and value of many things in their possession. Recently, a long time Fort Worth resident asked me about some architectural embellishments which they had stored many years ago and had lately decided to do a little detective work to determine their history. They believed thiese rather large (approximately 3 feet tall) elements had once adorned a downtown Fort Worth building that was demolished years ago. I have attached a photo file of same in the hopes that someone may know where thiese wonderful embellishments may have been located. They seem to be formed from terra cotta or a similar substance and made to appear granite like.

Thanks in advance for any information you may have to share.

John Eric