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In Topic: Old Fort Worth Building Architectural Elements Sculptures

14 May 2008 - 07:25 AM

Please read my original post. The endeavor to determine provenance of these embellishments was strictly to solve a mystery, not to develop an interest for selling same. The final dictate as to the disposition of the heads is up to the son, who does not live in Fort Worth. There has been no talk of monies by the family or what these pieces may be worth, not even a consideration. I will hopefully obtain an okay from him for XTO to view the fragments and share their thoughts directly with some of the family. I feel they are sensitive to the desires of XTO to reintroduce some of the original construction into the structure and ultimately believe there will be a happy conclusion, I will keep you posted...John Eric

In Topic: Old Fort Worth Building Architectural Elements Sculptures

13 May 2008 - 12:55 PM

Here is the information I have received from the family who acquired the terracotta embellishments from the building at 714 Main. Somewhere between 1976 and 1980 there was an estate sale in their Fort Worth neighborhood of Park Place. This sale took place at a home across the street from Lilly B. Clayton Elementary and the pieces were underneath a good bit of salvage such as old columns and smaller ornamentations. To purchase the Romanesque busts they were required to buy them along with the other not so special offerings. For many years they graced the entryway leading to grounds of their backyard and in recent years they have been warehoused and kept from the elements. One of their children are quite fond of them and he intends to use them decoratively at his home sometime in the future. I had hoped to hook them up with the owners of the building in an attempt to see these wonderful ornamentations placed back in their original setting but as of yet the chances look slim. Hope this note has helped some of the conjecture on the forum and thanks again for your input...John Eric

In Topic: Old Fort Worth Building Architectural Elements Sculptures

07 May 2008 - 09:09 PM

Thanks for the email John and fantastic job to you sleuths on the forum. I have been out of town and not checking the forum as of late, so I apologize for the tardy response to you gumshoes. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to shed more light on the provenance and history as to how they were acquired. Thanks again for all the input and I will keep you all informed as to the future of these wonderful sculptural ornaments...John Eric antiquerevival@charter.net