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In Topic: Forest Park Zoo?

16 April 2015 - 12:04 PM

An interesting source, here's a bit more info from the Roller Coaster Database.


Forest Park was a small park located by the Fort Worth Zoo.  While the amusement park has closed, the Forest Park Miniature Railroad, which was built as part of Forest Park Rides in 1959, still operates today.


The zoo also had a roller coaster called "Monster Mouse"




The rides at Forest Park were operated by Raymond Hames, the brother of carnival operator Bill Hames.  Last known this Mad Mouse was in storage at the Hames Shows maintenance area.

Some references state this mouse is the former "La Cucaracha" from Six Flags Over Texas.  This is complicated because the Cucaracha was a Herschell Mad Mouse model while the Forest Park was a Monster Mouse model.  It may be the Mad Mouse was upgraded to a Monster Mouse as part of the move.  This was an add-on available from Herschell.  Whether this is what happened or not has yet to be proven.



There are at least two other parks in Fort Worth history to have at one point operated Roller Coasters, Lakeworth Park/ Casino Beach had the "Rocket" from 1930-1951 and was designed by famous coaster builder John Miller, and another park called Lake Como park at some point operated a ride called "Figure 8", which was a side-friction coaster and probably operated in the very early 1900's. 

Don't mean to hijack the thread further from the original topic, but I believe the Lake Worth Roller Coaster was called the Thriller, Not sure where RCDB came up with Rocket, unless it had more than one name.


Also I believe there was a figure 8 "coaster" at White City on the northside, too. I don't think Lake Erie in Handley had one, but I might be wrong.


The Monster Mouse was great, I loved the rides at the Zoo when I was a kid, we went there often. We use to call them the Forest Park rides, but that's just what we called them, never knew that as an official title.

In Topic: Gateway Theatre

16 December 2014 - 08:36 PM

Several months late on this topic, but yes I remember the Gateway. It was on the northeast corner of East Lancaster and Sargent, the building stood where the McDonalds is (specifically where the west parking area/drive thru is). Here is a link to a picture...




I remember going there several times when I was really young. Think it closed in the very early 70's. I thought I remembered it burning down, but the Cinema Treasures pic looks as though it had been boarded up while fairly intact.