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15 October 2008 - 09:44 AM

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Sunday the 12th around 8:30AM I headed south on North Main from JR's in Saginaw to do a little scout around to look at the old Factory Place subdivision and the Stove Foundry road area. On the way south I noticed that the fog/haze/whatever of the early morning had not burned off. I thought it might make some good pix..

I pulled off in the north Billy Bob's parking lot and got a couple of pix (some with a little grunge on the lens) and then went on south to Grand Avenue and Oakwood Cemetery which has a prime view of the skyline and the river.

I made a FW-Fog PDFof the shots which have not been edited or cropped yet...

As I was leaving Oakwood, I noticed the light had improved and so I picked up a few shots of the Oakwood Cemetery grounds through the west fence on my way out.

Don't forget the 3rd Annual Oakwood Cemetery "Saints & Sinners" Tour sponsored by the Stockyards Museum & Oakwood on October 25th, 2008. This is a great way to absorb some FW history and spend a fall afternoon under the great oaks. Details at the Stockyards Museum website...