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08 October 2017 - 11:38 PM

What rename doesn't seem to get is that those of us along the route outside Fort Worth (NRH, Grapevine) aren't interested in paying our share for trains that pass us by.

 Yes, I remember the outcries when DART Express Bus #205, 206,208,210,211,278,282,283 and the more publicized MAX (Arlington) routes were implemented and the DART riders telling DART that they aren't interested in paying for a bus that passed them by.

What does this have to with the price of tea in China? I've lived in NRH for the past 15 years. I've never lived in a DART member city. I care about public transit in my area. More to the point, as a citizen, I am paying in part for public transit in my area. This is the first and only route and transit option for NRH. Comparing it to any of the myriad services DART offers is disingenuous. I'm not the one here cherry picking things to get offended by.

Hasn't this express nonsense you're spouting run its course? I don't understand how the extra ten people - which I'm assuming is you and nine others - who would ride a train from downtown to the airport because it's an express train vs. a train you would not ride because it stops along the way (and picks up the people in Northside, Beach, NRH and Grapevine who might also like a ride to the airport at the same time) negate the needs of every other stakeholder along the route. It's been demonstrated upthread not only how much more expensive it is to serve these "elite riders" who would demand an express train but also how negligible the time savings would be that I cannot imagine it would be worth it to everyone getting the bill. How many times a week do you fly out of DFW? Is it always at the same time? If not will you call to get the express train rescheduled for the day?

I'm not the guy who says, "hey, these scraps are all we are going to get, let's not complain," but instead of trying to do better with this system right now, I'll be happy it's done at all in light of the long wait (I remember coming out of the hospital in Grapevine one day to tour the Colorado Railcar DMU that came through in 2003, back when this system was to be up and running a few short years later). I have lived in this particular town and in this particular part of town specifically to utilize this long-promised service when it finally becomes available. I've paid a lot of property and sales taxes along the way knowing this was coming. I'm ecstatic there is real tangible progress being made. Once it gets going and a real need is demonstrated for additional services I'm all for revisiting schedules and frequency. Throwing cold water on the project over a lack of express service is ridiculous, if I'm being kind here. I think it's a silly tangent to the discussion.

By the way, is Courier font supposed to represent sarcasm on this forum?

In Topic: TEX Rail project

08 October 2017 - 07:41 PM

What rename doesn't seem to get is that those of us along the route outside Fort Worth (NRH, Grapevine) aren't interested in paying our share for trains that pass us by.

In Topic: TEX Rail project

26 September 2017 - 04:40 PM





What you think it should be and what it really is - is often very different.
haha I know that's right!
I represent the end user, not the engineer!   double track double platform - flyover bridge - whatever, I just want to take a non-stop train from the Water Gardens to the Airport!

If you want non-stop, door-to-door services from public transportation, I suggest calling Uber or Yellow cabs.



I couldn't agree more. Those of us along the line between downtown and the airport have no interest in an express. As is it configured with so few stops along the way there will be little difference between an express and the normal run anyway. The express only serves to pass up many of the people the route was designed to serve.


As a locomotive engineer who deals with signaling systems, running on the TRE, through downtown and so on, I agree with what Electricron has said about this express tangent, especially why it is apples and oranges to compare express trains elsewhere with some notion of express trains on the TexRail route.

In Topic: TEX Rail project

03 September 2017 - 04:29 PM

I drove down Meacham on the way home yesterday afternoon. It looks like some more work is done on the flyover at FWWR Junction. The bases for all the piers are poured and it looks like at this point only one pier remains to be poured.





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07 July 2017 - 09:43 AM

I love the boot idea. The concept drawing is even fun.