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In Topic: Fort Worth Transportation Authority (Combine, Rebuild, Delete?)

29 September 2012 - 08:10 PM

More like 6 or so surrounding miles.

Nope, I meant 2-3 miles. Outside of that, the land use is not conducive for transit use. 820 and downtown will not be confused.

We live in Wedgewood - We do not have a need for the bus service route destinations. Nearest bus stop is 5 blocks away. We drive our hybrid to do our shopping all within 3 miles [southward area].

Few years ago this forum has a similar conversation - only no one could figure out how to carry a big 50" widescreen TV home using a bus.

As I recall, it wasn't that we couldn't figure it out, it was that we ignored it because it was a silly question. I guess they don't do delivery in Tarrant County?

P.S. I do shopping all the time on transit. It works, but you can't be closed-minded about it before you start or it will turn out exactly like you think it will.

In Topic: Fort Worth Transportation Authority (Combine, Rebuild, Delete?)

23 September 2012 - 11:06 AM

From what I've read from NCTCOG & other "region-centric" (if that's a word) organizations, they all want to put in these grandiose systems that get people from far-flung places into and out of downtown. I'd rather see a better grid of bus routes, to get people around town, without necessarily having to connect through downtown. I'd rather see better service to Alliance, Lockheed, Alcon, NAS JRB, and other large employers, so people can commute to work. I think a system like that would primarily benefit FW and be paid for by FW, and so it should be under the political control of FW.

I don't want this to come out the wrong way, but this line of thinking always amazes me. To make this case, you have to start from the assumption that all transit planners across the country are not bright enough to figure it out.

All these places you listed employ a lot of people, but it isn't done in a way that transit can serve. It is low density, designed for the car, few pedestrian amenities, little access points and few destination route possibilities.

DART tried to do exactly what you suggested when it was formed in the mid-'80's. Those buses had roughly 1/4th the projected ridership and cost three times as much to run as the downtown-bound buses. Finally, after a couple of years, DART had to scrap the idea because overall ridership never moved up. They kept some of the routes that worked, but overall, this crosstown route idea was a failure.

The land uses just aren't conducive for it. It's not the T's fault, it's not the CoG's fault, it's not Fort Worth's fault (unless you consider they approved the building patterns). The only place that has the built environment to support transit use is downtown and the two-three miles surrounding it.

In Topic: Texas Central Railway - Proposed Bullet Train

29 July 2012 - 08:35 PM

In several posts, there was reference to Southwest opposing any plans to connect the region with Houston, like they have in past with regards to HSR efforts.

The lifting of the Wright Amendment will likely reduce a lot of those smaller distance flights in favor of the longer, more lucrative flights. Finacially, they just don't have the same dog in the fight they did over 20 years ago.

In Topic: Highway Fatalities

29 July 2012 - 08:02 PM

Well, the pedestrian can also choose to be less exposed to risk, or to use your phrasing, he can choose to not get hit. A pedestrian can walk on less busy streets, walk well to the inside, be especially aware of all those irresponsible drivers, or could even wear a helmet. It's not strictly a one-sided equation. But I suppose it's unreasonable to ask pedestrians to take a role in their own safety.

Pedestrians even expose drivers to additional risk. What happens when a pedestrian wanders in front of a car? It happens regularly.

Wow, this may be one of the most callous responses I have ever read on this forum. Let me paraphrase. "Stupid pedestrians. Why aren't you in a car or inside. Stay out of the cars way or you get what's coming to you.

Yes, there is a risk for everything, but there used to be a time where there were no cars and only pedestrians, so the cars are the ones that imposed themselves on the walkers.

In Topic: Loss of Free Parking in Cultural District

26 March 2012 - 06:41 AM

I went to the dog show this weekend at Will Rogers Coliseum. They had near record attendence and parking was charged.