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In Topic: The Hollywood Theater - Today

15 March 2017 - 10:20 AM

I'd like to see the boys running the Texas Theatre over in Dallas take a stab at doing something similar here at the Hollywood. A nice mix of first run, classic, underground, cult and local films with live music and presentations. 


In fact, I just kicked a message over to them to check into it.

In Topic: Fort Worth National Bank

25 April 2016 - 10:58 AM

Ok, I will load them up on my movie projector and then record them. I never loaded anything on u-tube before so if someone has some instructions to do this, send them my way. This way I don't have to spend time trying to figure it out.


Texas Archive of the Moving Image does free digitization, and will provide you a copy as well. In my recent experiments with transferring some old 8MM home movies, I would say having someone knowledgeable do it via film scanner is much easier. I'm sure this is something they would LOVE to add to their collection.


They'll be in Denton this weekend doing a film round up.



In Topic: Tracing historic streetcar lines over modern Fort Worth

08 April 2016 - 09:14 AM

Some street labels would be nice.

In the bottom left corner of the page, click the square that looks like a satellite image. It will add the street names.

In Topic: Downtown - Lexington between Belknap and Weatherford

16 March 2016 - 11:12 AM

So, yeah, they found some possible human remains at the SW corner of this lot yesterday.