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#77172 Chisholm Trail Ranch w/Cattle Dipping Vat-Remains Near Godley

Posted by txrob779 on 20 May 2013 - 03:34 PM

Howdy ya'll,



I recently ran into this old place while on a motorcycle ride to Walmart from my family ranch. The Rockin K Ranch in Godley, Texas est.1965, with my 13 yr old daughter on the back who is folllowing dad's foot steps learing and researching the history of Johnson Country and our familes ranch. I happen to be very fortunate to have every single abstract to title (and other docs of the times) on this property since it was grated a "land patent" from The State Of Texas Jan. 27th.  In this horde of documents I have an absract showing R.B. Godley himself owned this tract of land.
Anyway enough about me, 
Today May 20th, 2013, I stopped to take some pics of the relics that remain of this neat old place and ran into the man who leases the property. Here is what he said that got me busy on Google researching this old 1900th century ranch.
The current owner is a 94yr old woman he said  is named Armstrong. The gentleman also said she lives in Dallas and is still, "sharp as a whip". The place he said, "never had electricity or running water instead it used a cistern" which you can still the ruins of said cistern. The place has a bunch of 1900th century rock fence that surrounded the house and you can still see the ruins of the vat south of house remains on the corner of CR1228 as Ralph said.. This gentleman said the house burned 25 years ago or so. It was a community cattle vat (as far as I can tell on the Chisholm Trail, not far from where Buchannon would have been) as well as a staging center for local ranchers cattle. The Nolan River snakes all through this part of Johnson County. He could not tell me the origins of the ranch owners, their name or much more than that....he did give me the address....7601 CR 1228. Ralph Gardner or Garner said in his Cleburne Times article the vat has the initials, "EOH" chisled into the rock.
This place is about 1/2 way between the Old Bethany Cemetary off 171 and CR1228 and CR1228 and HWY4 NW of Cleburne.
If anyone wants to contact me about my document of the history of my place, get a email of some of these pictures or get more information about this excursion,  please email me. I would be happy to share the pics I took today via email as well. 
I welcome learning more
Rob Knowles
Rockin K Ranch
Godley, Texas


#77147 Hemphill street??

Posted by txrob779 on 18 May 2013 - 03:36 PM

Schwinn Stingray. yellow, banana seat, shifter on the crossbar and a wide slick out back. Loved that bike. My told me later she paid it out on layaway for 10 months. WOW


Love you momma

#77125 Hemphill street??

Posted by txrob779 on 17 May 2013 - 09:51 AM

I meant that with LOVE....not disrespectfully BTW....I remember when you didnt go downtown after dark on Friday till sun up Monday morning....street people (i'll be kinda here)

porn shops, Main and Calhoun...whew scary. My mom dide buy me a Schwinn from Massey's, is that correct? on Main about 1970 LOL. In the early 80's I drove a delivery route for Butler Paper...ever see those canary yellow bobtails? My route was ALL over the southside. I mean all over it, from Williamson Dickie, Motherall, all the way to what you guys say was Stove Foundry Road,. Lot's of fond memories. Man,  there was a printer I delivered too right near the river by Montgomery Wards that was smashed by a tornado about 87 or so...anyway, another flashback.

#77117 White Elephant Saloon

Posted by txrob779 on 17 May 2013 - 06:59 AM

That would be the Exchange location, unless if course your like 130 years old LOL.

There is a nice Historical marker outside 301 Main...right where the WE was....

#77096 The "Bomber" Railroad Spur

Posted by txrob779 on 16 May 2013 - 09:10 AM

THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  is greatness right here. Absolutley right up my alley. I have been on an quest to find relics of The Interurban system....I can thank Pete Carlton for that...:)

I remember vividly my grandaddy telling all about riding the Interurbans and today I live on his ranch in Godley (which has a huge, deep, rich historic story to tell, be looking for an indepth thread soon) so I am in Cleburne darn near everyday. I am still trying to find relics of the system there, where the depot was (I think it was on Wardville St.) anyway..

That NTTC bender got me researching the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe line that runs into Godley from Cleburne to Cression, (I used to love watching those trains as a boy) and that research told me that that G,C& SF line was connected from Cresson to Weatherford in 1888 but was taken out service in 1930'ish when Texas HWY171 was built,  and the highway was pretty much parallel to the line. They are correct, from where that line turns and crosses 171 in Cresson you can clearly see and follow the railroad beds almost all the way to where FM51 (52?)  pops out on 171....right before that at the Moncrief Ranch road  Bear Creek you can see 2 OLD, limstone rock relics structures there....and if you turn on Bear Creek the gated gas well to theroad left is accually  the railroad bed and those 2 relics are a livestock pen and a water tank ajacent to the switch line where according to the Historical record was where the Parker Co. ranchers loaded live stock on "Old Nancy" to get to Cleburne thru Cresson and Godley estimated about 1890 and I guess until 1930. That Old Nancy is suppossed to have had 2 passenger cars as well to transport folks back and forth. Very cool stuff for a RR freak like me. The Hsitorical Marker a few miles south of Bear Creek says that was Parsons Station once....and was a switch and a post office. I have thought many times if I might could walk the railbeds that vere off a mile or two before ti comes back in near Bear Creek Dr., just as you biked that bomber spur (I remember it well too, crossed over it about a million times as well, was curious as to where it went because I dont ever remember seeing a train on it, ever) 

I have been up and down that HWY171 10,000 times at least and never paid 1/2 attention until I started this research bender on the Interurbans as well as my families ranch. Which as a rich, documented 170 year history in Johnson County. I actually have every single abstract of title on this property from the day the State/Republic sold it on a Land Pantent for $.50 an acre January 27th, 1846 till my grand daddy bought it in February 1965. Even R.B. Godley himself owned this tract of ranch land.


So I am very much looking forward to posting more about that and spending hours on this board


Special thanks to Pete and John for lettin' me in,


Rob K

Godley, Texas