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Are there any reliable news sources left?

03 December 2016 - 08:15 PM

Now that one of the most contentious elections in history is over, it would seem obvious to many that blatant bias of our news sources is rampant. I started noticing some serious leanings during the 2012 election, enough to make me cut my exposure to CNN considerably.  During this year’s Primaries I tried CNN a number of times and finally just gave up, it’s one thing to report the news in a blatantly biased nature but all together different to generate story-lines of your own. (This bothered me, being a CNN junkie from the days of watching it while active duty during Desert Storm, to watching 9/11 live while CNN was still reporting the first strike as a small private plane. I once depended upon them, so watching them lie out right was an eye opener.) 


Even FOX had its fair share of biased reporting but at least they made an attempt at showing both sides, but not always fairly, still, some days were close to fair and balanced.


The only source that seemed to show things in a stark exposure was OANN or (One American News), they seem to be just starting out so about where CNN was in 1991. On some days they did seem to slant the other direction but more out of an offset sort of defense.


With disruptive technologies changing the topographies of information, newspapers can barely cut it digitally, the print version can’t even rely upon coupons as a means of existence, and those pop up on your phone and load directly to your account while you’re filling your basket. Will news channels one day just give up their charade of unbiased and change their screen bugs to represent their political leanings CNN will go Democrat Blue, FOX will go to a Dem Blue for the bottom 60% and GOP Red for the top 40 and fluctuate by time of day, like all red for Hannity, etc… and OANN would just be GOP Red. Not that people need the color coding to tell, but it sure would be nice if you could load your news sources from GOP or Dem / Liberal sources, pick and filter what you spend your time on, kinda like filling up your coupon list for the things you spend your money on.